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Firemamma's acts

BlindFire - blinfolded fire eating stage act

Mother of Dragons - big flames and Pyros

Meet and Greet - smaller / podium / entrance

Bolero - Symphony of flames / classical music

Did you know sarah has a Guinness Word Record ?

what was it ?  

A worldwide fire expert proficient in multiple fire props and stunts

Fire Eating - including vapor stunts

Fire breathing  / Lycopodium props / Pyrotechnics / sculptures

FIRE PROPS Poi / Fans / staff / Fans / clubs /palms and umberella

RedSarah has 25 years experience using fire arts to entertain a multitude of different events from solo acts to multi person Pyrotechnics festival events. whatever your burning needs are,

the firemamma can make it happen..

PLI insurance with Equity for 10 million

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