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Fancy something a little more classical for your event? How about a human statue?


Red Sarah has honed her statue skills to perfection over her 20 years of performance, starting with the Invisible Circus and travelling all over the world with this classic art form.


Watch in disbelief as Red Sarah, the Doyenne of Disguise, transforms herself from flesh and blood into graceful stone, adding a touch of class and magic to your event. Her range of characters from ancient mythology or fairytale fantasy will suit any theme and style of event.


Red Sarah’s specialities include:


Stone Statues, where body paint turns flesh and blood to any type of stone;

Toy Box Statues with wind up doll characters perfect for children’s events;

Blanco Statues: ancient and mysterious characters swathed in white robes come to life before your eyes and take you inside a world of bubble magic.


Red Sarah can also provide you with an artistic installation of up to 6 performers, creating the perfect fantasy world for your event.