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King Of Drag

This hot blooded Latino stallion of the stage is sure to set your heart racing .


Born in Italy, of course, raised in rhythm and destined for debauchery, he trained in the art of seduction in Florence for 12 years.

Casanova has headlined at the top British burlesque clubs leaving a trail of broken hearts across the country...


Many a celebrity has had the privilege of his charm (including Brian Ferry, Callum Best,  Stephen Webster and Tracy Emin ). He has also shared a stage with musical giants, the likes of Texas and Dr And The Medics for audiences of over 6,000 people.


comedic striptease - 'boylesque'

performed ironically by a Drag King. Throw in a live sex change of the satirical, traditional burlesque sort...

Casanova gets hot and sleazy taking off his tweed layers, but lo, when he doesn't get the response he is after, he opts for a more 'attractive proposition'... He gets carried away with a carving knife and handy bicycle pump only to transform into a curvaceous fire-tassel-twirling woman.


casanova on youtube

Casanova 5 min burlesque act

See this Mighty Man of Muscles! He who leaves ladies weeping - at the mere sight of him.


His show involves an array of serious lifting,  lunging , Globe spinning and many more acrobatic feats!


He is indeed, the only man alive who can lift a ton with his posterior! A truly original Fairground attraction for the modern eyes!

Eugene Sandow Circus Act


Casanova on You Tube :


Strongman on You Tube

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