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RedSarah is at the forefront of the Burlesque scene producing Neo Acts and teaching a unique style to those who want to be different from the mainstream




The Queen Of Hearts - This saucy queen gets carried away with her flamingo croquet mallet and proves that she's not always chopping off peoples heads..... A fabulously costumed comedy act.( Music Mr scruff hotel castenedas 5 mins )


Sexy Lexy - This 18th century darling is a twirling aristocrat. She performs a stunningly skilled routine using POI and tassels which she twirls at the same time!!! ( Music arranged and mixed down by Dj only - Mozart breaks 5 mins )


Miss Piggy is available to do balloon popping or fan dancing and is very popular at birthdays. She wears diamante Kermit body jewelry and is a storm in a teacup!!! ( Music Mika - Big Girl or Happy Birthday 80's Version - 4 mins )


Cherrybombola A vision of cherries with a 4ft red balloon a classic striptease to reveal diamante cherry body wear. A poptastic finish leaves a heap of cherries on the floor. Music a long way from St louis - or any upbeat non vocal track - 4 mins


The Bearded Lady - Roxanne , a real beauty with matching cuffs and collars a classic fan dance with a freaky twist, the character is available as an installation for Booth - Arm wrestling - quid a kiss - fortunes told - photographs and walkabout.


Betty BOOB - Full latex body suit - A real life Cartoon based on the cartoon betty boop - an array of different burlesque routines to the songs of Helen Kane . costumes from Vivien of holloway and rubber monkey latex .

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"RedSarah - top 10 UK  Burlesque performers 2010 - Bizzare Magazine"

"Best Female Performer UK - Ministry of Burlesque 2007"

"21CP top 50 burlesque performers worldwide 2010 "